What are best herbs to grow

Best herbs to grow:  We will focus on the cultivation of herbs that we use almost every day. In one season you will get up to 2000 kg with...

Best herbs to grow:  We will focus on the cultivation of herbs that we use almost every day. In one season you will get up to 2000 kg with 1a.of green land.

Simple arithmetic calculations show that 1 ton of greens grown will cost 2500 dollars.  And 6 acres of land in the end will give you a net profit of 30000 dollars.

Can it be so simple? How to grow and sell such a fantastic crop – read on.

Growing herbs must be doing in the greenhouse. Yes, in greenhouses, and not outdoors.

Firstly, in the greenhouse constant and stable microclimate your future harvest does not depend on weather conditions. The optimal temperature of cultivation, timely watering and weeding, increases the yield of cold-resistant crops green at least 2 times.

Secondly, greenhouse beds fertilize much easier than all vegetable in general.

Third, growing herbs in a greenhouse increases the gardening season to 9 months, from March to November. And thus grow 5-6 crops.

Based on personal experience, I can confidently assert that top herbs to grow are

feather bow;


various kinds of salads;



On the other types of greenery better not to bet, just grow them only for a change.

Due to greenhouse, the double coverage and the presence of a solar collector, you are completely rid themselves of the cost of its heating.

To prepare a greenhouse for sowing seeds, you need to start from the middle of February. For this purpose, the greenhouse is completely cleaned of snow from the outside and around the perimeter. To quickly warmed greenhouse beds, greenhouses around can make a kind of a warm front air space to lay all the black film or roofing material.

The properties of black surfaces attracting heat are also used to warm the soil inside the greenhouse, paving the similar materials beds and covering them with an additional layer of film.

All these measures lead to the fact that in early March, the soil thaws in the greenhouse at 10-15 cm, which is sufficient for sowing the seeds of cold-resistant crops like dill, onions and radishes.

Dill – it is the main type of greenery, which is added to most dishes of Russian and Slavic cuisine. Therefore, its share in your green conveyor must be at least 50%. In addition, fennel seeds begin to germinate at soil temperatures of 2-3 degrees Celsius.


However, before planting, soak the seeds is required, but do not germinate. If you grow them, you will have difficulties with planting seeds, and most importantly – will suffer the young shoots.

A fennel seeds soaked to dilute essential oils, of which there are plenty. To future dill received the maximum amount of light, heat and power, did not sow a carpet and rows. Locate rows from north to south, with a distance of 10-12 cm from each other.

Oh, and then the plan: timely watering and weeding of cultivated greenery.

If possible, buy only high-quality seeds of dill, better, if it will early varieties. Unlike most vegetables, fennel seeds can be grown on their own, but be sure to update them every 2-3 years.

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